Thursday, February 01, 2007

SAD in Samara

Sorry for the very long pause in my posts. Besides being in Istanbul, I was not in a very good mood last week either. Apparently the weather has finally gotten to me. Before I knew it I was cracking thinking it was due to culture shock although no definitive event sparked it. After a few days of being unable to connect my thoughts to my words, in the middle of a Shostakovitch performance, I realized it was probably SAD. I called my mom that night to get some advice since I doubt special useful bright lights are available although they should be and she suggested I raise the dose of my SSRI of choice. It has already helped thankfully so I am back to getting things done including my beloved blog. By the way, I have begun a new blog to glorify our super duper trip to Istanbul. It's called

Next week we will be going to Saratov, so there will be another few days of no new blogs, but I will do me my best to have plenty of bloggy fun for you beforehand. Toodles!

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